WHEN TIME RAN OUT – Faculty Collaborative / Creative Work

When Time Ran Out is a multimedia, collaborative work premiered at the 90th Anniversary Festival for the Dance Department held in April 2017.  The work features sound design/music by composer Joseph Koykkar, choreography by Karen McShane-Hellenbrand and the digital video for the background projection I created.


Based on two of the most prevalent themes found in contemporary science-fiction: humanity's enslavement to time and the possibility of nuclear annihilation, this work presents a personal vision in movement, imagery and sound/music. The length of the project was set by the original music/sound about 15 minutes that made the completed animation in 21,600 frames using 24 f/sec frame rate. Beside the roughs, testing pieces and revisions the final animation that includes all contents creation in 2D and 3D, digital simulations, renderings and the post productions took me over two months to complete on my 5-year-old DELL desktop workstation. The 15 minutes long dance story provides me both of the opportunities and the challenges with many sophisticated digital technologies that need to be explored and learned within the scheduled short period of time.


Collaborative Member, Motion Content Creator, Digital Artist and Projection Designer



Created visual concept with the team and completed a 15 minutes long video projection background for the dance performance.

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The Particle Effects

The Red Giant Particular particle effect system and the Adobe After Effect enabled me to compose this scene with the sequence from flowing cloud to bubble(s) with moving surface  (like soap bubble) and the motion is triggered by the soundtrack very similar to 3D effect but without using 3D application and spending intensive rendering time. The concept of simulating this 3D effect is based on setting a series of a 2D plane in same distance to form a "3D grade" and showing the 2D relayed images on each plane that is set always toward our eye for the 3D illusion.

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The Clock Gears

•All of the gears are interlocked and connected driven by the “ Link Constraints" and the " Position Controller" in 3DS MAX.  Anyone of the gear is turned will lead all of the gears to move accordingly. 

•The explosion of the gears are created with the After Effect for reducing the simulation and rendering time from 3DS MAX and the effect is done with using the same video rendered from 3DS MAX and edited by After Effect.

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The Clock Model

This clock is modeled by Adobe After Effect with the script setting to allow the clock hands run at the real time, and the effect is layered over lapping with the 3d rendered gear movie to simulate the final moment of the clock before the explosion.

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