George Washington University Corcoran Museum Virtual Scene
This design project was aimed at creating a virtual set/environment for the department's theatre production "Antigone" due to the Covit - 19 Pandemic.   
The scene here is the room in the museum where the show will locate. The theatrical set is very simple with some translucent mesh-covered scaffoldings covering a few columns and two stacked "Show Deck" pieces on both ends of the room.   The audiences are set around the room. 
This room is modeled with 3ds Max. All columns are low poly baked from the high poly model in Substance Painter. The wall mural is created from the photo and the photogenerated displacement for the 3d effect. The scene composed and lit by UE4. 
University of Wisconsin Madison Mitchell Theatre
This virtual theatre is created for my Scene Design I class. Students can play the walkthrough space and learn the specific technical terms about the stage and equipment. 
Theatre is modeled with 3ds Max. Due to the large quantity of the audience chairs, I baked the cushions from the high poly model to the low poly pieces and assembled them with the arm pieces. 
Textures are done in Substance Painter.  
Interior Design Concept for Metro Stage - Washington DC
Because of many years of collaboration between my design partnership and the theatre company in providing excellent scenery designs, we are invited to provide our interior concept for the proposed new theatre. 
The theatre is modeled with 3ds Max and textured with Substance Painter. The scene composed in UE4 with the lighting. This game set can allow all people in the decision-making process of the new theatre to walk inside of the virtual environment.  
Traditional Beijing Court-Yard house (in progress)
This is my newest experimental scene/environment project aimed at more natural, aged materials by using Quixel Mixer and the large content library from their MegaScanes. 
The main structure is built with 3ds Max. Some sculpted pieces were done with Blender to learn the tool and compare it with Mudbox, which I've used for a long time. The scene is composed in UE4 with basic lighting for now.  
Virtual Set 
This virtual set is developed for the experiment of streaming a virtual production during the Covit - 19 Pandemic. The set is modeled Blender and textured with Quixel Mixer.