ALICE PROJECT - Interdisciplinary research project 

POSITION: Co PI, Artistic Director in charge of the visual content creation and the production
ALICE PROECT is an Interdisciplinary research project. The goal of this interdisciplinary proposal is to meld existing technologies to pioneer new live performance methodology. We aim to accomplish this by enabling the performers (actor, dancer, musician, etc.) to interact with their stage environment in a dynamic and unique way. By integrating video projection, entertainment automation, motion capture, and virtual reality technologies together, we aim to enable new possibilities in live performance and enhance the audience’s experience. Therefore; the project’s name ALICE is also stand for AUGMENTED LIVE INTERACTIVELY CONTROLED ENVIRONMENT in addition to the theme we adopted from ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Project is funded by WARF and showcased in April and July in 2015. 

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Based on the primary goal of the project, the team focused on exploring the creative methods of controlling the system with the human (actor) body motion.

The final system setting (as shown in the diagram) is designed with using the UNITY 3D game control application as the core unit to process the data from Microsoft Kinect sensors to determine all of the physical location and interaction of the scene objects include the actor, while other computers determine the measured directions to control the automation system. The projection system takes the processed data from the UNITY to control the Camera Setting and movement with the ability of the First Person or the Third Person view through projectors output.  

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The stage setting with the treadmill, the hoist and the projection background

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The storyboard I created as the guideline for developing the visual content

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Rabbit Design and Annimation

The RABBIT was created digitally with several versions for the testing, and the final version was animated into several short segments for the moments in the program such as

•the idle segment – Rabbit standing with holding his arms and tapping one of his foot.

•The running segment – Rabbit runs and stop into the idle. The running is triggered by the “Collision Object” which is the invisible Alice dummy figure in the game “world” and is controlled and operated by the data from motion captured real actor’s action in real-time.

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Hemsley Theatre 2015