themed event design

Award Gala Events

Spirit of America - the US Army Show 2006 - 2009     DCP Contract

DCP-my design partnership had been on the creative and production team from 2006 to 2009 to provide the set and projection images design for the variations of each year's concept. 

My projection images design can be found in INTERACTION page

Themed Large Entertainment Show

Schlumberger  Investment Conference - Lincoln Center New York - 2015

Investment Conference / Exhibition

CES - International Consumer Electronic Show  Entrance Section Design - 2006

CES 2002 entrance design

Exhibition / Trade Show

JP Morgan Chase Investment Expo - New York - 2000

Banking / Investment Expo

Cognizant Immersive Experience Training Conference 

Corporate Training Conference

Christian Network Conference - 2014

The Christian Net Work Conference

Religious  Conference

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