Mentored by Mr. Li Hu, professor fromThe Central Academy of Fine Arts -Beijing, China​ 


Studied Scene Design at the Central Academy of Drama - Beijing, China​


Received MFA in Scene Design from Boston University - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Art is my world, or to say art brings the world to me. At the age of four the world outside of grandma's little courtyard house began to catch my strong attention and the fascination of the objects and scenes prompted me to draw them out of my memory on to a small chalkboard and soon extended to the entire grandma's living room wooden floor, the trains, big trucks, monster looking road rollers, animals in the market, characters in animated movies…. Day after day of drawing, I played and shared with friends in these stopped moments on the floor to extend my joy of exploration. Many years later I became an artist.

Art is not a profession nor an employment. It is a way of life that has no time limits and the boundary of the subject. Having the feeling of wanting friends to share the scenes I saw through my chalk drawings, I sense the obligation of giving people one more perspective to see the world through my artwork that I believed it is true to me no matter it looks real or obstructive. It doesn't have the power that can change the world every day like politics and money, however, it can connect and bind people together who share my mind and feelings. I don't produce everything beautiful because the world is not so but I don’t want people who see my work giving up their hope because this is not an artist should do. I tell the truth that is different from what journalism says and I give a little hope that is not same as what religion can provide. My truth and hope is the peace inside of my inner world.


My professional career can be named successful with opportunities of working with the world-class artists, production events, and new adventures. My working credits covered very wide areas from theatrical set design, set painting to interior design, graphic design, gallery art (oil painting), architecture illustration and digital visualization, digital environment creation and simulation (3DS MAX & Unity Game Engine), large corporate event conceptual creation and design visualization, exhibition and Television environment design and motion graphic,  motion capture and digital animation and more. I also feel fortunate to have Carl Gudenius as my design and business partner who shares, supports and admires my creative work.


Welcome to my world…